What We Can Do For You.

You’re in pain and you need immediate help. You are not in pain but you want to keep it that way. Either way we can help you. First, you need to call and schedule. Once you have your appointment, here is what to expect. My job is to help you. So we need to know exactly where your pain is and what is the cause of your pain. We start with just listening. I want to know your story. When did it start? How did it start? I will ask you a few questions and then listen to you. Nobody knows your body better than you, you just have to learn to listen to the signals that your body is trying to send you. After we hear your story we will do some orthopedic and neurological tests to narrow down what is causing your pain. Then we see how you are moving. Once we have all of that information we then take x-rays to confirm our findings. The great news is that we do everything right here. Even better within an hour we will know if we can help you. If we can see that we can help you, and you are ready, we get you started right away. My job as a doctor is to educate you on your body and make sure you understand what you are feeling and why. I am here for you.

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