February Special

Two for one. The two for one first visit special. This is just not for couples we are sharing the LOVE with everyone this month. Pay $110 for the Exam, X-rays and 1st Adjustment and get one FREE to give to a loved one or friend. We need more love in this world!!

2019 is just around the corner!

With 2019 just around the corner, we wanted to start celebrating early.

From now until the new year begins, we have a new patient special.

$57 special for new patients.

Please share with family & friends.

Just give us a call to schedule your first visit!

Thank you,

Dr. Jason

Closed Today

Due to the weather, the office will be closed today.  Sorry for any inconveniences.

Schimizzi Wellness Center Staff

New Year same Spine

At the beginning of every new year many of us rededicate ourselves to making positive changes to our health.  Some health issues can be changed by simply changing your lifestyle, nutrition or mental outlook.  Some health changes may not be able to be corrected as simply as others.  We only receive one spine.  Most times we can correct injuries but if left alone the probability of getting full correction goes down as time goes on.  The more you put it off or cover your symptoms with medication the more your body begins to adapt to the dis-ease and the discomfort becomes the new “normal”.  We spend most of our life maintaining the things that improve our looks but neglect the things that give us a better quality of life.

I am reminded of a story that a professor told me at chiropractic college.  He talked of how his practice was right next door to a hair salon (just like mine).  He said they had a snow storm hit and they got about a foot of snow.  His phone was ringing off the hook with cancellations and as more patients cancelled he noticed that older ladies and men were drudging through the snow to get their hair done.  I grew up in a hair salon so to speak, because my mom is a hairstylist, so I saw this first hand.  School cancellations due to snow and my mom still had a full salon nothing got in the way of a good day.

Then we get into working out and nutrition.  Both are of great importance.  They are key factors to overall wellness that many don’t get reminded of until the start of the new year or we have a health scare.  Nutrition and working out need to be planned and coordinated to make sure you get the most out of what you are doing safely and above all else without injury.

Your focus needs to be on overall wellness.  Making the right choices to have a better quality of life.  The right nutritional choices, the right way to exercise and above all else taking care of your spinal health because without a healthy spine life is limited.  Your greatest asset is your health don’t wait until it is too late to realize the importance of a healthy body.

In Health,

Dr. J

P.S.  I am here to help.  Our weight loss and nutritional programs are a great place to start.  I am also a certified trainer and can give you some guidance on making the most of your time working out at home or in a gym.

A Change in Hours


We wanted to let you know that there will be a change in office hours at the end of July.

The office will be closed from 11:30 am on July 27th through July 30th.

The office will be open for the regular hours on Monday July 31st.

Thank you

Do You Need Some Fun?

Are you in need of some fun this weekend?

Join us on Saturday June 24th from 12-2 pm for our Patient Appreciation day.

There will be music, food, prize drawings and FUN.

Have you entered the prize drawings?  If not, you will miss out.  We are giving away some great stuff!  Concert tickets, Photonica Fat loss sessions and other great prizes.

Just go to the Contest Entry page to enter!

You do not have to be present to enter.

See you on the 24th!

Dr. Jason


Patient Appreciation

After being in practice for 15 years, I wanted to have a special day to celebrate with everyone.

I want to show my appreciation for your support and trusting in me to provide you the best care possible.

It has been a joy to part of my patient’s health and wellness journey’s.

Please join us on June 24th form 12-2 pm.

We will be having:    food, prize drawings, live radio/music broadcasting, race cars on display and lots fun!

Go to the Contest Entry page to enter.  Anyone is welcome to enter!

Dr. Jason